“We can’t change human nature” – Time to LIVE as Equal Money System.

images So today I was listening to an economic video where the speaker was talking about various financial market movements around the world. Economy is something that I’m interested in, and I found the video I was watching to be very informative and detailed, however at one point the guy speaking was talking specifically about the histories of capitalism, socialism, and communism and that socialism, and communism don’t work as well as capitalism in this persons view.

Despite the fact that capitalist, socialist and communist systems in history have all equally created a system of haves and have not’s, the speaker argued that the reason socialism and communism don’t work “as well” as capitalism is that in capitalism we have apparently “free markets”, which allows for more “freedom” for the people which really is not true when we look at the world.

It was the next point the guy made though which I wanted to blog about here, which was when the person basically said that – “in order to change capitalism to a new more supportive money system would require a complete changing of human nature, which is not possible”.

This tends to be the perspective that a lot of people stand by, and yet when we look at this concept in self-honesty, it is clear that to say we cannot change human nature is literally a delusion and is how we keep ourselves enslaved within and as the current money system. This perspective is the most disempowering statement a person can make, it is a way of justifying the abuse that’s happening in this money system, it’s a way of saying that our barbaric behaviour towards ourselves and each other while unacceptable cannot be stopped so don’t bother trying. It’s a recipe for destruction clearly, because we then teach our children that you can’t change human nature and they teach their children that, so we all just end up sitting down, focusing only on our own fear based self-interest and the support of our own family at the expense of everyone else, while our behaviour towards each other worsens and worsens until nothing is left. To say we can’t change human nature is to accept the inevitable extinction of humanity.

The fact is though that this doesn’t have to be the way, because I have proven to myself that it is possible to change human nature and so have many other people all around the world. It is obviously difficult to change our nature, but definitely not impossible because our “human nature” is in fact programmed, it is that which has been passed through generation to generation and has been blindly accepted by everyone without question. Until now – at Desteni we focus on the changing of ourselves at an individual level, and then as a group make political steps in the future to direct the money system to that which we are walking, which is equality. Equal money system is a politica221091_10150177528718076_632378075_6832764_6974627_o1l/monetary solution that allows each one the time to breathe and change to what is best for all, until eventually all beings in this world are living what is best for all which would equal heaven on earth.

The reason every money system has failed in supporting all life equally is exactly because we humans have never challenged our war like “human nature” which is clearly very inhumane, and said no we can stop and change this “human nature”, we have to because it’s unacceptable. Always the focus is on changing things outside of ourselves, without even considering the origin point of abuse is actually within ourselves. We must change from the inside out, so for a money system to effectively support all life equally requires for the money system to distribute all basic needs for free to all from birth till death, which then allows each human to live the principles of the money system, which is to live what is best for all inside and out, to delete the abusive programming in our heads and only direct ourselves within practical common sense living of what supports life.

So in order to change any money system to a system that is best for all, first requires the system to be lived by each participant, to realize that we are the fabric of the money system, the fabric of this world, we are all equally responsible to live what’s beneficial for all; we are not separate from anything. Because what is within us is what is manifested in our world, that’s why our world is so fucked now and there is nobody to blame, it is within us all. As within, so without, as above, so below, so let’s equalize what’s within and without, equalize above and below through living what’s best for all in every way. If you agree the concept that human nature can’t be changed is a delusion, if you agree that human nature can be re-programmed to what is best for all then research desteni and the equal money system and join us in the drive to end abuse on earth.

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