Equal Money: a world where Kings are BANNED as the end of Banking

So last night I was watching the film Wall Street, which is a great film to show how manipulated this money system is. The film shows how the financial markets work, and what it is like to be a trader investor, banker, how products have imaginary values, how nobody trusts anybody because profit is all the characters are interested in, even if that means wiping someone else’s money out, unrelenting competition and greed harming the majority for a few to gain.

While I was watching this film, it reminded me of what has happened recently in the business/financial world, where the federal reserve has announced QE3 (quantitative easing), which in essence means that an unlimited amount of money can now be printed out of thin air to clear bank debts specifically buying mortgage backed securities for as long as is required – over 40 billion dollars a month is going to be printed from nothing purely for the banks benefits. QE3 is just basically desperately trying to kick start a dying money system that cannot be saved. It is supposed to create more finance for housing and also to ensure that interest rates will stay low for majority of people that save money in bank accounts and across various sectors as well as cost of living almost certain to skyrocket with hyperinflation. QE3 is also supposed to improve the labour force through generating a lot of jobs, yet this has so far proven to be bullshit and the only jobs really being generated are poorly paid jobs.

When we look at national GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of countries we can clearly see that more stressful times are coming for people specifically in western countries. Spain and Greece have been having a lot of riots, and Ireland, UK and America are set to follow. Western countries with the exception of some Scandinavian countries, Germany and a few others, most western countries generally are burdened with huge debts and really have a very limited amount of products and commodities that are created and traded internally. Asia with the exception of Japan is and has been financially booming for quiet sometime, specifically China which has such a strong infrastructure of produce and trade, I mean a huge percentage of products we buy in shops especially things like technology, toys, clothes are all from China.

So when we take a look at all the masses of financial information that is available, in common sense we can see that It really is insane beyond belief that £40 billion a month can be printed out of thin air for banks, yet the people who really need it, which is the majority of people, never see a penny from the federal reserve or the banks.

Profit exists in unison with debt, as being rich is in unison with poverty, because becoming rich in this world feeds into and allows poverty to continue to accumulate. No rich people are really doing what needs to be done, which is to stand up for life, and utilize their masses of money to integrate into politics to promote and implement an equal money system. This is because these people have yet to realize what life is, and that the more money we accumulate in this world, then it means that we have more of a responsibility for all others, to implement changes necessary so that all can live in luxury.

Whenever I buy a luxury item like a car or a new TV etc, I always know that it is completely unacceptable that I live in a world where all cannot have access to this luxury. Majority of wealthy people in this world fear to stand up and do whatever is necessary to implement an equal money system, because all these people fear to lose what they already have, which is insane because we lose everything we think we own at death, because we humans don’t really own anything, we just lay claim to it in our mind, so it is best for all to get used to letting go of things now. Middle class people like me and Rich people like Ben Bernanke in self-honesty know that fear of losing what they have is a consistent fear, yet we do not consider that if everyone had luxury then we wouldn’t need to be worried about getting robbed for what we have by poor people as it is now.

It really is very sad and confusing that to this date there has been so few celebrities that have got actively involved in politics, only around 50 worldwide currently, most notable names are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Joseph Estrada, and Glenda Jackson. Yet none have made any effective changes that are best for all in the political structures within their countries, because these peoples starting point for getting involved in politics is purely self-interest. This clearly adds weight to what we say at Desteni, which is that change that’s best for all must be walked by self-first, before we can implement change that’s best for all in politics, otherwise we will just continue to perpetuate the abusive, greed ridden, mafia racketeering that exists in politics currently as these celebrity politicians are clearly doing.

So in conclusion, an equal money system will see an end to all banking systems as they currently exist, because all banks currently do is simply fuel separation of rich and poor. The bankers will be brought to justice before all of humanity, “their assests” will be permanently confiscated due to the criminal means by which they were acumulated, and so “their assets” can be equally distributed throughout the world.  Bank buildings could be put to use in much more productive ways, such as being turned into restaurants, community centres or supermarkets of some kind. Because once everyone is provided with their basics unconditionally from birth till death there be no need for banks/bankers of any kind, because the movement and allocation of monetary credits will be automated by machines, which rules out manipulation, because machines only provide exact equations, they do not make irrational fear based decisions, unlike untrustworthy humans that are always trying to harm each other through profiting over others. So allocation of money must be done by machines that are programmed to support life unconditionally, that way everyone will be catered for equally without question.

And it must be clear to all who want to see an equal money system that it cannot happen unless we ourselves exist as an equal money system inside ourselves and in our participation. We have to become completely stable in all environments, only interested in living the principle of what’s best for all, that way when we get to the political point, we will not be swayed by greed to profit over our fellow man, we will only be interested in politically implementing what it is that we are walking, which is equality, and this we will walk regardless of what haters will try and do to stop us, because fear of death is pointless, and eventually equal money will become the common sense realization of each and every human in this world. There will be no enforcement of equal money, it will become the only solution mutually understood to benefit all beings, as things get worse in this political structure of capitalism, as more major world events happen, as cost of living continues to rise, we will realize what needs to be done – the banning of all kings as the end of banking.

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